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“I challenge myself every day to work on getting the best out of myself. This means more than just aiming to become a great player; it means aiming to become a great person and a great contributor to my community. If your organization has a similar set of goals, I would love to speak with you about how we can forge a partnership together. If you would like to discuss endorsements, sponsorships, partnership opportunities or appearances, please contact” –

Lindsey Waterhouse
Waterhouse Sports & Entertainment

If you dont have a Mac you are trapped in the past and dont even know it. lol

BET is the most prominent network targeting young Black-American audiences. As a result BET is opening doors for other Black-American cultural and entertainment-based programming. Gotta Love BET.

I lean toward Calvin Klein for the most comfortable fit and look. Whether its Boxer Briefs, Crew or V-Neck Tees, CK gets it done.

Pretty much my go to shoe…since high school Converse All Stars have played a huge role in my wardrobe…and they have my size!

Clearly one of my favorite casual watches to wear. G-Shock is very unique, from style to durability. Can’t go wrong with G-Shock. They come in different colors, are solar powered and have atomic timekeeping. I’m never late…ha.

G-Star Raw Jeans are soooo comfortable. Seriously… I love wearing these out to the club or for just kicking back at home. Try them out!

Covers a wide range of product. From dressy casual, sports wear to fragrances, and other accessories. Love the golf gear for my new sport.

Growing up as a kid, Michael Jordan as a person, athlete and as a brand has played a huge part in my development as a player…and after 26 years nothing has changed.

I love this brand…love the colors. Their polo shirt is the foundation of my wardrobe.

Levi has always been around for me. Since I was a kid my Mom would dress me in Levi. Now I’m 6ft 7 older… their clothes are still a great fit in design and comfort.

Need I say more??! Didn’t think so…

I’ve always wanted to get a Mercedes. Obviously the best cars ever made, and the connection would be sick too haha…

MTV… don’t need to say a lot here except for the fact that between Music Videos and Reality TV these guy’s had me covered!

I have rocked Nike cleats since college. I train in Nike…eat sleep and live for the gear!

A very trendy line that I normally turn to for tees and hoodies.

Hands down one of my favorite lines of denim I love to wear.

Been driving a Range Rover for 5 years now, and have never had a problem. When it comes to cruising in Long Beach I’m loving it in this ride. Safety first…this is it!.

Being a tall guy, its hard to find denim jeans that fit perfect, but thankfully Robins Jeans fills that void…perfectly.

Tom's Shoes

Off the field, Tom’s shoes are always the best for my feet and the planet. When I’m not training, my favorite run around town shoes are Tom’s!

When days off are not an option, TuMe Water is. TuMe is the most refreshing way to replenish sore muscles and recover from a hard day of training.