Marcedes’ Clear pH Photoshoot


This past Saturday Marcedes Lewis, Tight End for the Jacksonville Jaguars and 2011 Pro Bowler, flew in from his home in Long Beach, California for a one day photo shoot. The purpose of the shoot was for his new website that the “Pro Athlete Branding Team” of Clear pH is creating. The shoot took place in Clearwater at the studio of Fashion Photographer Troy Plota. Troy’s work has been seen from billboards in Time Square to GQ Magazine for the likes of Calvin Klein, Van Huesen, Usher and Timberland. Marcedes was a natural in modeling everything from athletic gear to casual to business suits. Clear pH will now take these images and utilize them to show Marcedes in every aspect of his life off the field.

The goal of the Clear pH team, particularly with NFL athletes, is to make players “more than just a number,” said Richard Hughes, Creative Director. “Too often athletes’ careers are cut short. Many athletes put their websites in the hands of people who have no background in branding. Consequently, these individuals don’t understand that the website is the main “brochure” for the athletes lives and future business careers.” At the culmination of his 5th season, Marcedes approached Clear pH with his mother who assists in managing his off the field career, foundation and future. “The goal is simple, establish a strong brand, an icon that will give him the strength to be a recognized figure for potential endorsements now, or future investment deals when he steps into the “afterlife,” said Hughes.

In spite of the money that some athletes make in their career, without the right image, too often once finished in their respective sport athletes are not taken seriously. There is an over emphasis on the glamour and bling factor instead of balancing their sports image with a serious business edge. “Branding in today’s market is essential, especially in a sport where the athletes wear helmets and fans cannot see their faces; it’s vital for the athlete to differentiate themselves from the competition. Players must establish why they are different. As early on in their careers as possible, athletes should etch into peoples’ minds their logo on merchandise, twitter icons, facebook icons and their nonprofit foundations, etc.”

Stay tuned for Marcedes’ brand roll out, expected by the end of March 2011. In his words… “it’s pure fire!”


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