Marcedes Lewis – Off Season MMA Training

By April 10, 2011 My Life 3 Comments

I ran into Jay Glazer at the Pro Bowl. He promised to take me to a dark place this off season! And what he meant was MMA training. Its day 3 of MMA training for me..and my body feels like I’ve never done anything athletic before! Haha ah well! Gotta grind!

I’m on a first class ticket to darkness and am in need of a cold tub!

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  • Brittany says:

    Hey Mercedes!This is BrittanyAnnMMA from twitter.I was just reading about your MMA training.So funny you said you feel like youve never done anything athletic in your whole life after that.hahaa.I started some MMA about a year ago.I took some kickboxing classes and i now do Jiu Jitsu and started Muay Thai.**** hard!I was sore for the first month after i started Jitsu and ive done sports my whole life so your story is funny to me.I actually have my own show called The MMASweetdown.My co host and I have different fighters/trainers/nutritionist and everything in between come on and we chat with them.I also write for different MMA events in Japan and report play by plays and such.What kind of martial arts are you doing?Just thought i’d drop by and let you know your story made me laugh.Love to have you on my show sometime,Keep up the great work!

  • Rhett says:

    Keep it up. Keep working hard. Come training-camp(if we have one), you will be more in shape than anyone out on the field. By the season, you will be able to run 100 yards, break 2 tackles, stiff arm 3 guys, and juke 1 guy out, score a TD, and be like, “Shouldn’t I be exhausted?”

  • carl collins says:

    Good work nephew, love your new website.
    Keep up the mma trainning. And in the future
    if you need help, call the newest member of the UNITED STATES MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION “HALL OF FAME” Your uncle!

    Love you nephew take care

    Hope the see you in “FREDERICK, MARYLAND”
    for my induction into the HALL OF FAME!!

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